Happy Boo Day!

Friday, October 31, 2014

 There is nothing spooky or eery about these two. I love that they like to play up their character while taking photographs. They. ARE. ADORABLE!!!

Happy Halloween 2014

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Craig Family Vacation Fall 2014 from Lorri Craig on Vimeo.

The kids wanted to head to Cali over Fall Break. I had a few other ideas in mind, but the boys had their hearts set on taking their dirt bikes along and trying out some of the tracks in Southern California.  It turned out to be a good idea because they seriously had the time of their lives.

Like Father, Like Son...

There is nothing like family trips!!! We bond, laugh, and create memories.  We sure did miss our oldest son Nathan.  He put it best when in a recent letter when he said, "Well right about now you are probably on vacation. It's a bummer we're not all together, but that's alright! I'm over here bringing souls unto Christ, so I win!"  You can read more about his adventures HERE.

The day has arrived.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

This is the day we have all been waiting for! My son is officially a real life head to toe missionary.  He is such an independent kid.  In my mind I thought, "no biggie, it's only two years.  This kid is so prepared and will do amazing things!"  I felt nothing but pure joy and excitement, and then....right smack in the middle of the airport terminal...he gave his final hugs... and... I. fell. completely. apart. and so did Mr. B.T.C.

Every possible emotion that a human could feel I felt in that very moment. The realization that...
-I couldn't just pick up the phone and dial him at any given moment.
-we wouldn't have one on one conversations
- I couldn't hear his voice
- we wouldn't be scheduling luncheons at Pei Wei for TWO WHOLE YEARS
it all sunk in at once and the tears begin to flow.  They flowed, and flowed, and flowed.  When he walked away looking over his shoulder for that one final glance and kiss that was blown in my direction, I melted right into Mr. B.T.C's arms.  We held each other, cried and watched our son disappear into the crowd of people.

No words can adequately describe what it's like for a mother to have her first leave the nest. I miss him terribly, but know in my heart he will do great things while serving the people of Canada. He has agreed to update me on his P-days, so all updates will be found on his missionary blog at www.nathanmissionbound.blogspot.com

Elder Nathan Craig from Lorri Craig on Vimeo.

Temple for the first time.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

There are no words to express the emotion a parent goes through when their oldest son goes through the temple for the first time. I love our sons desire to serve the Lord at this time in his life.  I really can't believe he will be leaving on his mission in just two short weeks.  

Wesley turns 17!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Well, my boys are growing up on me.  This one turned s-e-v-e-n-t-e-en!!!

He's been an easy one to raise.  No, really I'm not just saying that.  He has been such a delight from the moment I brought him home from the hospital.  What makes him so delightful? Well, I thought you'd never ask! Just to name a few...
- He's calm and collected...ALWAYS!
- He athletic.  You should see this boy ride his dirt bike, snow board, play soccer or flag football. Not just any flag football team, but the kind of flag football for adults.  Yes, he plays on Mr. B.T.C's Saturday morning team.
- He's smart.  His report card always puts a smile on my face.
- His family adores him.  ALL of US!  You know how you have some members of your family that at one time or another can't quite seem to get along with someone at some point or another (yes, I have some of those running around my house).  Well, not this one.  He's the peacemaker that EVERYONE loves to be around.  This is because when you are in his presence, he will build you up, whoever you are.
- He keeps an immaculate room.  He likes things orderly and tidy.

These are just a few things that make him one of the most incredible people on the planet.

Happy 17th Wesley!